Wednesday, July 02, 2003

The Nephews are Just Warming Up 

A show has just been announced to all fans of Tonto's Nephews. The Nephews will be playing at the Poor Alex Theatre on Sunday July 6th @ 8pm. The cost of the show $8. The show will be a showcase of what The Nephews will be bringing to New York City the following weekend.

Tonto's Nephews Presents
"Just Warming Up"

playing at

A Painfull Funny Theatre Festival
Sunday July 6th, 2003
The Poor Alex Theatre
296 Brunswick Ave

The Nephews Take New York By Storm 

Tonto's Nephews are preparing to travel to New York City to showcase their comedic stylings. We are preparing to do two shows while in New York City:

1. Tonto's Nephews @ Above Kleptomania Theatre - we will be showcasing some new and old sketch material. Come out and watch 45 minutes of high energy, witty, and just plain old funny sketch comedy.

Tonto's Nephews @ Above Kleptomania Theatre
Sunday July 12, 2003
10:00 pm
669- 671 Eighth Ave
(btwn 42nd & 43rd St.)
In Theater #2
(on the 2nd Floor)
New York City

2. Tonto's Nephews will be participating in the 3rd Annual Del Close Marathon at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City. The Nephews will be performing a 30 minute long form improv set in their own tried tested and true format THE BooKMARK.

Tonto's Nephews @ Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre
Sunday July 13, 2003
1:30 pm
307 West 26th Street (corner of 8th Ave)
New York City

Should be alot of fun and all our invited to come and support The Nephews as they invade the United States. They promise to do a better job than Osama did ( what....to soon?)

Peace and Love

Tonto's Nephews

Monday, June 09, 2003

The Nephews are Everywhere and Coming to a Theatre Near You 

The Nephews are everywhere!

You are invited to come out and support your favourite Native Men in Canada. Tonto's Nephews are booking into shows all over the city and all over North America.

The shows listed are shows that we are headlining. If you want to stay current with shows that we are guest spotting into check back

Here is an up to date list (as of Jun 9th, 2003) of when and where you can catch the Nephews:

The Cagematch - Competitive Longform Improv Comedy
Wed. June 9th @ The Oasis (294 College - just west of Spadina)
*Tonto's Nephews are 7 week champions - come out and vote for your favourite team

Friday June 20, 2003
National Aboriginal Day Celebration
Dodem Kanonhsa
55 St Clair Ave East
1:00 pm
*this show will be free for the community at the Dodem - free food, free laughs

Saturday June 20, 2003
National Aboriginal Day Celebration
London, Ontario
All Day
*this is a tentative date - please check back for updates

The Del Close Marathon
The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre
307 West 26th Street (corner of 8th Ave.)
New York City
Sunday July 13, 2003
1:30 pm
*cost for the show is the cost of a festival pass
*this show is a feature festival spot at the Del Close Marathon that is produced by the Upright Citizens Brigade
*Tonto's Nephews is super stoked to be playing at the UCB Theatre and they can't wait to showcase their unique style to the folks of New York City
*for more info

Above Kleptomania Theatre
Out of Towners Showcase
669-671 Eighth Ave. (between 42nd & 43rd street)
Theatre 2
Sunday July 13, 2003
*for more info

2nd Annual Toronto Improv Festival
Poor Alex Theatre - Mainstage
296 Brunswick Ave. (Brunswick and Bloor)
Saturday August 16th, 2003
10:30 pm
*ticket price TBA
*The Nephews are a featured mainstage team this year along with some of the best (funniest) troupes from across North America
*for more info

Sunday, June 08, 2003

Tonto's Nephews Welcome You and Your Friends 

Hello and Welcome Friends and Fans of Tonto's Nephews.

Wanna know who we are?

Tonto's Nephews are Canada's Best Native Improv/Sketch Comedy Troupe and they call Toronto home. This Comedic Quartet consists of four core members. The Nephews are Herbie Barnes, Sid Bobb, Darrel Dennis, and Ryan McMahon. The Nephews show is a full force, high energy, quick witted storytelling adventure. The Nephews Comedy Stylings are influenced by the stories of the Trickster, the Raven, and Coyote and the Nephews are fortunate to be one of the very few Culturally Exclusive troupes in Canada. Most of the performers have been working together in some form for over seven years and each have studies at the Second City Training Centre in Toronto.

What to Expect from Tonto's Nephews?

What happens when you let a bunch of Native Guys run around on stage doing satires and parodies of the social behaviour of everyday Canadians? The Nephews can deliver 5 minutes of comedy or they can tailor a 2 hour show to fit your communities needs. Tonto's Nephews headline show is a jam packed hour of Short Form Improv (Who's Line Is It Anyway) and Longform Improv (a One Act Improvised Play). The show is tailored and trimmed to fit your communities needs. It is the job of The Nephews to make you laugh, cry, and pee your pants. Just come to a show and find out what all of the buzz is about before these fine actors end up disappearing in the United States, guest starring as the token person of color in an episode of Friends or Baywatch.

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